Ghana Set To Get Africa’s First LPG Fired Power Plant

  • As GE handles 400 MW Bridge Power project

Ghana’s 400 megawatt (MW) greenfield project, which is world’s largest plant of its kind and first in Africa is meant to supply electricity to the Bridge Power plant project in Tema.

The project, currently being supplied with power generation equipment by General Electric, will provide enough electricity for the equivalent of up to 17 percent of Ghana’s capacity and address the long-term energy requirements of the country.

The equipment, which will be used in the first phase of the project, will collectively generate 200 MW of power while an additional 200 MW of power will be deployed in stage two of the project running on on LPG, natural gas and diesel.

The Bridge power plant project will bring much needed electricity to Ghana and is expected to have an immediate positive impact on the reliable operation of schools, factories, offices, other local businesses, hospitals, and households.

The equipment scope includes GE’s TM2500 gas turbine generator sets and GE’s steam turbines in a combined cycle (CC) configuration.

This will be the first time the TM2500 gas turbines will be used in a combined cycle configuration globally and marks a milestone for the technology, which was also selected this week for Angola’s ambitious electrification program led by PRODEL.

CEO, GE’s Gas Power Systems for Sub Saharan Africa, Leslie Nelson said “the Bridge Power plant successfully brings together the need for a cost-effective fuel solution, in this case liquefied petroleum gas, with an integrated power solution driven by GE’s latest flexible technology”.


Ground-breaking ceremony of the Bridge Power Project

The 400 megawatt (MW) Bridge Power and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import, storage, and transportation infrastructure project will address Ghana’s long-term energy requirements by providing enough electricity for the equivalent of up to 17 percent of the country’s capacity. Upon completion, it will be Africa’s first LPG fired power plant and the world’s largest plant of its kind. The fuel-flexible plant will also be capable of being fueled by LPG, natural gas or diesel.

Bridge Power is being developed by the Early Power Limited (“EPL”) consortium under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Electricity Corporation of Ghana (ECG). The EPL consortium comprises of Endeavor Energy, a leading independent power development and generation company focused on Africa; Sage, a leading independent trading firm in Ghana; and GE (General Electric).

The project is another example of how GE works with the government, corporate customers and other stakeholders in Ghana. Together, GE and its customers in Ghana support economic growth through infrastructure development in the power, oil & gas and healthcare sectors.

Earlier this year, GE had opened a 5,600 square meter oil & gas facility in Takoradi that will serve as a primary service center for deep-water offshore projects.

Source: APO


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