List of Seven Critical Gas Development Projects (7CGDP)

The stakeholders of the seven Critical Gas Development Projects (7CGDP) made up of NNPC and seven (7) other oil and gas companies listed include:

  • Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC);
  • Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC);
  • Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC);
  • Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL);
  • Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc;
  • Newcross Exploration and Production Limited;
  • Eroton Exploration and Production

The assets are as follows:

  • Assa North-Ohaji South Field Development (ANOH);
  • Oil Mining Lease 24 and OML 18 Joint Development and Shell Petroleum Development Company Joint Venture/Nigeria Agip Oil Company Joint Venture Unitized Gas Fields
  • NPDC’s OML 26, 30, 42
  • Chevron Nigeria Limited’s OML 49 Makaraba Cluster Development;
  • SPDC JV Gas Supply to Brass Fertilizer Company; OML 13 Cluster Development
  • Cluster Development of Okpokunou/Tuomo West (OML 35/62).

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