Prime Energy Reports is a platform that serves prime energy and other related stories as they break in Nigeria and beyond. Currently, a lot of issues are dragging down the development of the much-coveted sector of Nigeria’s economy.

This ranges from lack of adequate electricity supply, high cost of petroleum and intermittent scarcity of petroleum products as a result of indecision of the government to either continue to wallop in the excruciating subsidy imbroglio or totally face it out.

Prime Energy Reports will always provide news content including the oil and gas, power and related sectors and their impacts on the environment.

This pertinent need to provide the members of the public with information in Nigeria and abroad created the essence and idea about creating a platform where people have the opportunity to give their opinions an airing about the much-disparaged energy sector policies.

The government only boasts about the sector being the staple income provider for the giant of Africa but does not put in place policies that can improve upon demand and supply situations.

It is only when the people are well-informed about the sector that ideas on the way forward can be circulated using the benefit of the new media, it becomes a major source of satisfaction and happiness for the diversified Nigerian people through improved standard of living.

This gave the impetus for the creation of this blog. It is expected to disseminate both the government propaganda and real facts and figures emanating from the sector which the government never baths an eyelid before placing under such information under carpets.
This platform serves as platform for members of the public to also get hold of investigations into the energy sector as prime reporters will always go the extra mile to provide insights into happenings in the sector.

As energy generation, distribution poses a serious economic tension on effort of the government so does issues of consumption faces the ordinary man on the street who now need energy in every facet of his daily living.

Hence, it will also be providing information about alternative energy generation which remains a major area that the people, irrespective of social status whether government, business concerns or household consumers need to give attention to.


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